One of my favorite improv games is a rather obscure one called “Scenes Without the Letter___.” You can see an example I did for TikTok here (and if you are on TikTok be sure to click here to see my videos and follow me there!): When done right, this game is fun, funny, high-energy, and

Use Change as an Opportunity For Innovation

Here is a quick solo “Ding” I did for TikTok:  What’s interesting is that this recording was my third attempt. I got the idea to do a “Daily Improv” for TikTok while in the shower (don’t visualize…) and I started a quick Ding in my head. Once I was dressed and ready I set up

To Innovate, Change Your Starting Point

I am a big fan of Dan Sullivan, the “Strategic Coach.” He works with entrepreneurs who want to grow their business while also increasing their free time and enjoyment of their work. I haven’t joined his program but I have read a large number of his books and watched a lot of his videos.His latest

What I’m Reading: The Gap and the Gain

“How can I do that?” One thing I have found to be true over almost 30 years of doing improv comedy is that audiences will frequently throw out suggestions that are…challenging. Challenging because:They may be inappropriate (like when someone yelled out “strip clubbing” when I asked for a “hobby” at a company event).They may be

How Can I Do That?

Start strong, make your life easier… Last week I did my first “Open Mat” Improv Practice session, where people of all levels can join me for an agenda-less improv workshop. I have a few things to work on myself and I open the floor and have people tell me what they want to work on.In

To Finish Well, Start Strong

Flakes. Corn flakes, but still…flakes. Are you a flake? Sometimes I feel like I am, and I think, in the right way, that can be a very useful and powerful thing.I recently posted about my new “Show Your Work” strategy (If you missed it, you can read the post by clicking here).I almost didn’t write

In Defense of Proper Flakery