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If your organization is going through change, Avish can help! His interactive, fun, content-filled, and funny programs are perfect to help you smooth the road to change. Avish can speak to your leaders, giving them strategies to lead their people and teams through change, or to your employees, inspiring them to stop resisting change and to start saying, "yes, and" to embracing it!

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About the Author

Avish Parashar

Avish Parashar is quite possibly the world's only motivational improviser. He specializes in high-energy, high-content, high-fun programs that empower leaders to navigate change and inspire employees to embrace it. Over his 30+ years of studying and performing improv and his 20+ years of speaking to and working with organizations, Avish has seamlessly integrated the principles of improv into practical strategies that offer actionable insights for handling change. Whether through speaking engagements or tailored training sessions, Avish brings a refreshing blend of wisdom, humor, and actionable takeaways to every audience.