Topic: "Reducing Stress by Prioritizing from the Inside Out"

When: Thursday, May 16, 2024. 12:15-12:45pm EST

Where: Virtual (Sign Up for the Zoom Link)

Featured Improv Game: Four-Letter Word

Cost: Free

The "Yes, And" Lunch and Learn (and Laugh!) Session

Join me on Thursday, May 16th for an awesome lunchtime escape! In a fun, 30-minute session, delivered virtually via Zoom, you'll dive into the world of improv comedy, recharge your energy, and gain practical strategies to tackle workplace challenges with ease. It's a virtual Lunch and Learn - and Laugh! - session you don't want to miss!

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A Midday Virtual Session Designed to Help You Recharge, Relax, and Learn Tools to Reduce Stress, Overwhelm, and Burnout

You've heard of "Lunch and Learn" programs, right? Well, get ready for the next level: Lunch and Learn AND Laugh!

In this 30-minute session, delivered at lunchtime (EST), I will play/demonstrate an improv game, you will have the chance to play that game, and then we'll talk about what makes that game work and what specific ideas you can take away from it to  make your life easier, less stressful, and more productive.

It's the perfect way to laugh and recharge over lunch while learning useful and helpful skills!

What to Expect:

12:15 - Welcome and Introduction: Kick off your lunch break with a warm welcome and an overview of what's in store. Get ready to unwind and have some fun! Each session will also have a "theme" or "topic," and I will share what that is here.

12:20 - Game of the Week: I will introduce and demonstrate an improv game that ties to the topic of the day's session. Sit back, relax, and hopefully laugh at some fun improv comedy.

12:25 - Your turn! Now you get a chance to play the game and experience the joy of improvisation firsthand. Don't worry if you're new to improv—we create a supportive environment where everyone can participate at their own comfort level. NOTE: This is optional so if you can't or don't want to participate, you don't have to. But if you can and do, the learning will be stronger and you will have more fun and laugh more.

12:35 - Debrief and Reflection: Share your thoughts, insights, and laughter as we reflect on the game. Explore how the principles of improv can be applied to overcome workplace challenges and enhance team dynamics.

12:40 - Applications and Takeaways: Gain actionable strategies to combat overwhelm, stress, and burnout. Discover how simple improv techniques can lead to profound shifts in mindset and behavior, empowering you to thrive in any situation.

12:45 - Wrap-Up: As we wrap up our session, you'll leave feeling energized, inspired, and ready to tackle the rest of your day with renewed enthusiasm.

Why Join:

  • Interactive Learning: Experience hands-on learning through engaging improv games and exercises.
  • Instant Impact: Walk away with practical tools and insights that you can immediately apply to your work and life.
  • Weekly Refresh: Break up your day with a refreshing dose of laughter and play, setting the tone for a productive afternoon.
  • Community Connection: Connect with like-minded professionals in a supportive and uplifting environment


  • Do I have to participate? No. You have the option to and I would love it if you did, but this session is about having fun and lowering your stress. The last thing I want to do is to add to your anxiety! If you don't want to (or can't because of environment), I will not push you to play along.
  • Will the session be recorded? Yes.
  • Can I sign up and just watch the recording later? I don't plan on sending a link to the recording out to people. I will edit the recording and release portions of it (only the ones that feature me - I won't use a clip of any participant without first getting their permission) in the form of Youtube and short-form videos, so you will be able to get the content later. But a big purpose for this is to build community, which only happens is you can join live.
  • Can I invite friend/employees/co-workers to this? Yes, absolutely! The more the merrier.

About the Presenter

Avish Parashar

Avish Parashar is quite possibly the world's only motivational improviser. He specializes in high-energy, high-content, high-fun programs that empower leaders to navigate change and inspire employees to embrace it. Over his 30+ years of studying and performing improv and his 20+ years of speaking to and working with organizations, Avish has seamlessly integrated the principles of improv into practical strategies that offer actionable insights for handling change. Whether through speaking engagements or tailored training sessions, Avish brings a refreshing blend of wisdom, humor, and actionable takeaways to every audience.