Have you ever thought about what your “main thing” is? Not sure what that means? Allow me to elaborate…image credit: Julia_KhimichI am a huge fan of the American football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. On Sunday, November 27, 2023, they played the Buffalo Bills in a close, tense game. The Eagles were bad in the first half.

I Banged My Hands Into the Ceiling and Woke the Baby Up…

Just a little bit of motivational fun for you. Enjoy! I originally posted this video on TikTok. If you like it, you should follow me there as I post of a lot of these short type of videos on that platform: Avish on TikTok

A “Garbage Themed” Moment of Motivation

If you have ever planned a conference – or even just attended one – you know that one of the key elements that can make or break the event is the quality of the speakers you book. Get great speakers delivering great content, and attendees are happy (and rave to others and come back the

5 Conference Speakers That Can Kill a Conference