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Are you looking for business training programs that are both content filled and fun? Then you are in the right place!

Every program is a unique and engaging experience that lets people generate their own ideas – and have fun doing it.

All of Avish’s business training workshops are interactive, entertaining and packed with exercises that:

  • Impart skills in such a fun way people don’t realize they are learning
  • Teach real-world strategies and tactics your team can apply immediately.
  • Pushes attendees beyond what they believe capable (in a safe, guided way), which opens their eyes to the power of flexible and innovative thinking and shows them that yes, they can do this!

What Makes Avish’s Business Training Programs Different?

If your people have ever attended any business training workshop they probably have some specific expectations about what they will experience (and those expectations are not always great…)

Avish’s business training workshops turn those expectations on their head. His sessions are fun and funny (using improv comedy will do that). They focus on ideas participants can apply immediately. And, while his sessions are very interactive, he uses very few (sometimes zero) traditional training exercises. Instead, he uses interactive improv to keep attendees engaged, surprised, and learning.

If your team will respond to something different, fun, AND practical, then they need one of Avish’s training workshops.

“I am happy to say that long before the employee training concluded, we all saw the value in both the approach and content. Your ability to tie improv exercises to lessons around communication and creativity provided great value to our group while keeping everyone engaged and even entertained.”

Ann Scalfi - VP Controlling, North America BASF Corporation

Business Training Program Options

Every training workshop Avish does is customized to the needs of the attendees and organization. As such, he does not have an “off-the shelf” canned workshop. After Avish has learned what your objectives are for the group and training, Avish will put together an outline designed to get those results. 

Here are a few examples of ways organizations have used Avish’s workshops:

  • Culture Shift - A company that felt their employees often defaulted to “yes, but” had Avish deliver a series of trainings to shift the team’s mindset and build a “yes, and” culture. 
  • Management/Leadership - An organization had Avish work with their management and leadership team to show them how to use, “yes, and” to more effectively engage employees.
  • Responding to a Specific Change - Avish is often called in to help employees prepare for and say “yes, and” to an upcoming change, such as a new software system, new core values or vision, or the giant shift we are currently going through of the emergence of A.I.
  • Dealing with Stress and Burnout - The mindset shift from “yes, but” to “yes, and” is a powerful way to deal with stress and burnout. Organizations that feel their employees are dealing with these issues use Avish’s programs to help their employees more effectively manage and deal with them. 
  • Increasing Innovation and Flexible Thinking - In an ever-changing world, it is more important now than ever that employees of all levels increase their creativity and think more flexibly. Avish works with groups to unlock their inherent creativity and help them think on their feet.

These are just a few examples. If you have a specific goal for your group or a specific challenge you are hoping to solve, let Avish know to find out how he can help!

Contact Avish now with any questions and to book your improv-based, business training workshop now!

“Sincerely – Thank you! This workshop came together even better than I could have expected. Our team members up and dow the org chart have been sharing positive feedback. I think a change in mindset was super timely and meaningful for our team.”

Will Cannon - Client for Four Day "Yes, And" Training Workshop

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