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Keynotes That Inspire Your Attendees to Embrace Change, Deepen Engagement, and Step Outside Their Comfort Zone!

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Good stuff, right? Wouldn’t you love to see YOUR audience up on stage performing improv, interacting with fellow attendees, and laughing from start to finish?

More Than Just Yucks, Cackles, and Guffaws…

Yes, the programs are funny, interactive, and high-energy. But this is not just a comedy show. Avish’s keynotes provide Entertaining Solutions to Critical Challenges:

  • The world is changing faster than ever, and people often get “stuck in the past,” resisting and complaining about change instead of embracing it and moving forward.
  • Workload increases while resources decrease, leading to the tremendous stress and overwhelm of constantly being asked to do more and more with less and less.
  • Communicating with other people (customers, prospects, and other employees) who are difficult, different from us, or who respond to us in unexpected ways leads to stress, conflict, and missed opportunities.

If your employees, members or attendees face any – or all – of these challenges, and if you want a high-energy, hilarious experience that is the perfect way to open or close your event, then Avish is the perfect speaker for you!

"You were the best keynote speaker I’ve ever heard in all my years in HR!”

Dawn Dixon


Most Requested Topics

Ding Happens!
Gives attendees the tools and motivation to embrace, rather than fear and resist change and gives leaders the skills to manage and help their teams improvise, adapt, and innovate in an ever-changing world!
Focus: Change, Motivation, Leadership

Say, “Yes, And!”
Switching mindset and language from “yes, but” to “yes, and,” though simple, can be the powerful key to effective leadership, better sales and service, and unlocking your group’s potential!
Focus: Leadership, Team-building, Service, Sales, Change, Motivation

Improvised Innovation!
Unlock your group’s untapped creativity and channel that creativity towards meaningful personal and organizational innovation using the I.C.E. formula: Identify, Create, and Experiment!
Focus: Innovation, Creativity, Differentiation

Give your group the tools and skills to transform change and uncertainty into innovation and opportunity. This program not only helps attendees access their creativity, but also shares with them multiple techniques to direct that creativity in new directions to generate brand new ideas, solutions, and innovations!
(This is primarily a virtual program, but can be delivered live as a keynote or workshop.)
Focus: Change, Innovation, Creativity

Every presentation is customized to your group’s specific needs. Contact Avish now to discuss which presentation is the best fit for your group!

For Planners – The What, Where, Which, and When of Using Avish

What you get:

  • Companies: A presentation that engage employees, shifts their mindsets, and inspires them to perform at a higher level.
  • Associations: A different experience that will energize your crowd, provide them tremendous value, and have them leave your event excited about coming back next year.

Where in the Agenda:

  • Opening Keynotes (Wake ‘em up!)
  • After Lunch Presentations (Wake ‘em back up!)
  • Closing Keynotes (Send ‘em off happy and buzzing!)

Which Types of Events:

  • Annual Conferences, Conventions, and Expos
  • All-Employee Meetings and Staff Retreats
  • Sales, HR, User, and Vendor Conferences

When Avish’s Unique Style and Content are a Great Fit:

  • Your organization is going through big change (new software/ERP rollout, new leadership, mergers, rapid growth. etc)
  • Your industry is going through major change (disruption, new technology, changing economy/policy/regulations, etc.)
  • Your group is tired of the same ol’ same ‘ol and is ready for something refreshing, innovative, and truly unique.

Still Reading, All the Way Down Here? Clearly You Are Intrigued…

Contact Avish now to chat about fees, availability, and most importantly, how he can help you have an amazing event that energizes, inspires, and transforms!

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