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"I want to express my sincerest thanks

 to Avish for his keynote address

 on Thursday. We have heard from

many (many!) folks that he was 

“the best keynote we’ve ever had” 

for Momentum Day."

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Delight Your Audience With the Transformational Power of "YES, AND!"

Is your organization or industry going through change? Whether it is new leadership, a change in technology, reorganization due to rapid growth or merger, or one of the infinite number of changes organizations go through, the only constant in life (and business) is change. Individuals and organizations that adapt and respond effectively to change thrive, while those who don’t…don’t. 

Whatever the change you are going through, and whether you are a leader, owner, manager, or employee, the real challenge you face is change resistance. People tend to say 'yes, but' when they should say 'Yes, And!'

All the best change tactics in the world will not work if people don’t have the mindset to embrace the change, Through a combination of humor, interaction, improvisation, and applicable content, Avish’s keynotes and trainings give leaders the tools to lead change effectively and inspire and motivate employees to embrace and say, “yes, and!” to change.

Explore the site and watch some of his videos to learn more... 

Clients most commonly book Avish for a keynote because...

  1.  Their organization or industry is going through a major change and they want their members/employees to embrace, rather than resist, it.
  2. We live in a rapidly changing world, their attendees are constantly being asked to do more and more (often with less and less) and they want them to find ways of adapt, innovate, and get ahead rather than fall behind.
  3. They want (or need) a high-energy program that gets their audience laughing, pumped up, and walking out the door with a new perspective on work, business, and life.

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Conference Keynotes

Unique and hilarious keynotes that delight and energize your conference attendees (and make you look like a star).

Organizational Change 

Inspire your employees and transform their mindsets from resisting change with, "yes, but" to embracing and finding opportunity within it by saying, “Yes, And.”

Planner Information

Whether you have already booked Avish or are still considering him, this page has all the info and downloads you need!

“Awesome,” “Funny,” and “Entertaining” were just three of the many positive comments we received on our post-event evaluations of Avish’s “Ding Happens” closing presentation for our annual sales conference. In addition to the humor, our attendees appreciated that Avish had solid content and techniques that they could put to everyday use. The fact that the program was funny, interactive, and entertaining just made the information stick that much more effectively. Our only hesitation before Avish’s presentation was wondering, “will he be as funny as we think?” Fortunately the answer was a resounding “yes!”

Colleen fitzpatrick

Medical Solutions Supplier

"Everybody loved your program – I did not hear a single negative comment, which is impressive, since in an audience of over 1,000 there are always a few people who like to complain. What’s even more impressive is how you were able to engage and energize our group right after lunch! While the videos on your site are great, we found that you were even funnier in person! I didn’t expect to laugh that much and you exceeded our expectations. Thank you for being very easy to work with.. The fact that you took the time to ask questions and get to know the group really helped make the program a success. Your use of interactive improv comedy was hysterical and very effective in giving us alternative techniques for dealing with stress, responding to change, and increasing innovation.. The simple message of saying, “yes, and” stuck in people’s minds, and many attendees were using the idea throughout the conference. Your keynote was a terrific blend of humor, energy, and relevant content, and added a “wow factor” that any conference or event would benefit from."



“He is the speaker I heard the most consistent positive feedback about. People were unanimous about how useful his content was and how good he was at presenting it. Great opening keynoter (though hard act to follow!)”

Maia Aziz

AATH Annual Conference

“The energy, style, interaction, and humor were amazing at getting people motivated and recharged to enjoy the rest of the conference. Not only that, but the message was very applicable to everyone in attendance.”

Melissa Hansen

Speaker Chair, TBAFP