Image credit: michaklootwijkWill you write a “yes, and” story or a “yes, but” one?Last week I shared a story here titled “You Are Not Alone,” about how realizing I was not the only one going through business doldrums turned out to be helpful.That story resonated with many and I got some great support and feedback.(I

Saying “Yes, And” to a Better Story

Image credit: azatvaleevHave you ever felt alone in your struggle, like you are the only person who is having a hard time while everyone else is doing amazing?I have. In fact, I was feeling that way just recently.Business has been a tad slow and it can be disheartening, especially when you get onto social media

You Are Not Alone

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”― The Red Queen, Alice in Wonderland, Lewis CarrollImage credit: iqonceptJust two weeks into the new year, I somehow already felt like I was behind,

Yes, But, I Should Be Done By Now!

Image credit: macniak“Fly Eagles Fly?” More like “Cry Eagles Cry!”If you’re a fan of American Football, then you’re probably familiar with the abysmal collapse of my beloved Philadelphia Eagles. Two-thirds of the way through the season they had the best record in the league. And then, they collapsed. Disastrously. Like every soufflé I have ever tried

Act, Analyze, Adjust: Lessons from the Eagles’ Season Collapse

Image credit: serezniyAt this time of year minds always turn to the burning question that ignites family feuds and office debates alike:Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?You probably have some thoughts on this…what do you think?Of course, your answer to this depends on one simple thing: How you define what a “Christmas movie” is. Some

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? 🎄

Quick question: Which is the greatest rock band of all time?Image credit: ekostsovWhat came to mind? The Beatles? The Rolling Stones? Metallica? Queen? Kajagoogoo?These are all fantastic answers – except maybe Kajagoogoo, but then again I am unfamiliar with their catalog so I could be wrong – but they are all incorrect.The greatest rock band

What’s Your Impossible Goal?