Happy New Year!Image credit: PixelsAwayAre you looking forward to 2024?I am! Mostly because I have some big goals and I am excited to work on them and see where they take me.One of the things I am excited about is the free webinar I am doing this Thursday, Say “Yes, And!’ to Yourself in 2024.This

Are You Ready to Say “Yes, And!” to Yourself?

Image credit: serezniyAt this time of year minds always turn to the burning question that ignites family feuds and office debates alike:Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?You probably have some thoughts on this…what do you think?Of course, your answer to this depends on one simple thing: How you define what a “Christmas movie” is. Some

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? 🎄

Quick question: Which is the greatest rock band of all time?Image credit: ekostsovWhat came to mind? The Beatles? The Rolling Stones? Metallica? Queen? Kajagoogoo?These are all fantastic answers – except maybe Kajagoogoo, but then again I am unfamiliar with their catalog so I could be wrong – but they are all incorrect.The greatest rock band

What’s Your Impossible Goal?