“Yes, And” Whisperers

Image of one woman whispering into the ear of another, who looks surprised.

Credit to fizkes

Can you be the reason someone else says “Yes, And” to themselves?

I first did improv comedy not because I saw it and fell in love with it, but because a friend said to me, “you should do improv comedy, you’d be good at it.”

I started my improv group after college not because I thought, “this is what I should do!” but because a friend asked me, “have you ever thought about starting your own group?”

I started my speaking business because a client who had hired me to teach an improv workshop for teens said to me, “this looks like it would be a good corporate team-building event.”

I started attending meetings of the National Speakers Association because someone saw me run a workshop and afterward asked me, “have you heard of the National Speakers Association?"

Every one of these was a pivotal moment in my life. And every one of them was because someone presented me with an idea I had never considered before.

I call these people “‘Yes, And’ Whisperers.”

The people who come into our lives and help us see something more than what we are currently seeing, especially in ourselves and in our potential.

Thing is, you can be a “‘Yes, And’ Whisperer” for someone else.

A friend. A colleague. Someone you come across just once. 

It’s not about nagging, or pushing people. It’s simply helping them see new things, or old things in a new way. A way that gives them the chance to say “yes, and” instead of “yes, but.”

It can have amazing results for them.

And frankly, it feels pretty good for you too.

Who will you be a “‘Yes, And’ Whisperer” for today?

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