Change Management Training

Change management training is more critical now than ever, simply because the world is changing faster than ever. Sadly people often get “stuck in the past,” resisting and complaining about change instead of embracing it and moving forward.

The problem is that change is inevitable. Individuals and organizations who fight, resist, and try to avoid it are doomed to fall into irrelevance.

This interactive change management training program will show your people how to stop fearing and hating change and how to use the power of improv comedy to improvise, adapt, and innovate – no matter what happens!

Change Management Training Workshop Objectives

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Think quickly and adapt to change and the unexpected.
  • Apply the key mindsets that allow them to adapt in the face of change.
  • Prioritize goals and activities to make certain they are adapting in a productive way.
  • Respond with “Yes, And”instead of “yes, but” to stop whining and start taking action when changes occur.
  • Find opportunity in change – and act on it.
  • Use the “act, analyze, adjust”method to make rapid progress and avoid paralysis
  • Give and take control in a way that balances their input and ideas with the ability to be flexible and “go with the flow.”
  • Initiate and lead change rather than simply reacting to it.

Change Management Training Activities

There are many speakers to choose from when it comes to organizational change management training. What makes Avish difference is his unique selection of change management training activities.

Avish uses his 25 years of experience teaching, studying, and performing improv comedy to create an interactive, fun, and relevant training experience for everyone involved.

In addition to traditional training activities, Avish uses improv comedy games to make the sessions more fun and engaging than anything attendees have experienced before. Every exercise is specifically chosen to teach a piece of the change management process, so in addition to having fun, attendees are learning valuable skills and techniques.

Click here to see video clips of some of Avish’s improv activities.

Change Management Training Workshop Outline 

(Note: this is a sample only. Training workshops will be customized based on needs and objectives):

Overview – An overview of why change management training critical in today’s world and how the tools and principles of improv comedy can help participants manage, benefit from, and initiate change.

Building the “Creative Foundation” – One of the primary reasons change causes so many problems is that people often get stuck in “binary thinking” and struggle to align their old plans and goals with new conditions. In this segment, participants discover how to tap into and develop their creative power, and also learn how these skills can help be more flexible in the face of change.

Adopting the Improviser’s Mindset – All the change management techniques in the world are useless if the implementer has the wrong mindset. Participants will learn they key mindsets that open up flexibility and adaptability.

Responding with “Yes, And” – In any moment, you can respond with “yes, but,” or “yes, and.” “Yes, but,” is the default response for most. It is also the response of whining, complaining, and resisting change. Attendees will learn how a simple two-word shift can completely shift their approach to change.

Giving and Taking Control – In a changing world, the least effective approach is to try to control everything going on around you. In this training, participants will practice the power of letting go of some control to both other people and to their own changing situation.

Finding Opportunity in Change – While many view change in a negative light, some see change as an opportunity for success. These are the people who get ahead and rise to the top. Attendees will learn simple techniques to seek and find opportunities in change, along with ideas on how to act on those opportunities.

Getting Ahead of the Curve – The best way to manage change is to be the one leading it. In this segment participants will explore how to think of and initiate change with their teams, organizations, and in their own lives.

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