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Creativity training may be the most important tool you and your organization has when it comes to staying competitive. In a world that is getting smaller and smaller and changing faster and faster, innovation and creativity become keys to staying relevant. Organizations and individuals who apply innovation move ahead. Those who don’t, struggle and fall behind.

In this interactive innovation and creativity training program, your group will learn how to access and develop creative skills they might not even be aware they possess. They will then learn how to apply that creativity into meaningful innovation to help them solve problems, improve processes, and leverage ideas that help them move ahead of the competition.

Innovation and Creativity Training Program Objectives:

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the I.C.E. process to increase innovation in their teams, work, and lives.
  • Access their creativity regardless of whether they think they are creative
  • Apply their creative power and let ideas flow out of them in an uninterrupted stream
  • Quiet their minds and “be 100% present” in their environment an with others
  • See constraints as tools, not obstacles
  • Use “Yes, And”instead of “yes, but” to explore ideas and improve creative idea generation
  • Understand the relationship between playfulness, flexibility, and innovation
  • Take calculated risks to improve progress and unleash creativity
  • Shift their emotions to improve the quality and quantity of their ideas.
  • Lead others towards greater creativity and innovation.

Creativity Training Exercises

There are many creativity training programs for business out there. What makes What makes Avish difference is his unique selection of creativity training exercises.

Avish uses his 25 years of experience teaching, studying, and performing improv comedy to create an interactive, fun, and relevant training experience for everyone involved.

In addition to traditional training activities, Avish uses improv comedy games to make the sessions more fun and engaging than anything attendees have experienced before. Every improv game is a creativity training exercise that is specifically chosen to show attendees how to access, develop and apply their creativity and turn it into meaningful innovation. So, in addition to having fun, attendees are learning valuable skills and techniques.

Click here to see video clips of some of Avish’s improv activities.

Innovation and Creativity Training Workshop Outline

(Note: this is a sample only. Workshops will be customized based on needs and objectives):

Overview – An overview of the innovation and creativity training workshop and explanation of how creativity and innovation are critical skills in today’s world. This segment will lay the foundation for how improv comedy skills can help any professional increase creativity and innovation. Participants will also learn about the “I.C.E.” process for applying innovation: Identify, Create, and Experiment.

Identify: Putting Your Energy in the Right Place – You can be the most creative person in the world, but if you are focusing your creativity in the wrong place, you are just wasting your time. In this segment, participants will learn how to identify the “real problem” they are trying to solve. They will also discover ways of identifying their constraints (and finding ways to use those constraints to their advantage)

Create: Access Your Creative Power and Generate Ideas – By understanding how to access, develop, and express their creativity, participants will be able to generate a large variety of ideas, action items, and potential solutions. In this segment, they will learn how to bypass the “creativity filter” we all have and apply more creativity than they believed possible.

Experiment: Put Your Ideas into Action – An idea generated in the conference room may or may not be great. The only way to find out is to experiment with it. Too often, people try to have it “all figured out” before taking any action. In this segment, participants will learn the power of thinking in terms of “experiments,” as opposed to complete solutions, and how that will help them increase innovation and make much faster progress than before.

Saying, “Yes, And” to Creativity – In any moment, you can respond with “yes, but,” or “yes, and.” “Yes, but,” is the default response for most. It is also the response that keeps people in their comfort zone and destroys creativity and innovation. Attendees will learn how a simple two-word shift can rapidly open up creative avenues.

Being Present – Creativity starts with inspiration. Not in a romanticized, “when the muse hits me,” sort of way. But rather in a simple, “observing what is going on around me,” way. In this segment, participants will learn how to quiet their mind to notice more of what is going on around them. They will also discover how this approach keeps them open to the various creative ideas their minds generate.

Emotion: The Secret Driver of Content – How you feel has a direct and powerful impact on the quality and quantity of ideas you generate. Participants will learn how this connection works and also practice techniques to shift their emotions into a state that generates better ideas.

Leading Innovation – For people tasked with leading teams, trying to get others to be more creative and innovative can be a source of frustration. In this program, attendees will learn techniques to encourage and lead others towards greater creativity and innovation.

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