Stress Management Training

Stress management training may be just the thing you and your people need to help them respond to a constantly changing world.

Let’s face it: people are stressed out! Competition is on the rise while resources are on the decline. Budgets get cut while workload increases. There is always something new, different, and better to work on. As a result, your people can quickly feel overworked, overwhelmed, and overdone.

The solution is not to simply thank them and provide an occasional “fun staff event,” but rather to give them the tools they need to understand, manage, and even harness the stress they are feeling.

In this interactive and entertaining stress management training workshop, participants will learn how skills and ideas from the world of improv comedy can help them reduce their stress, increase their productivity, and start to have a little fun again!

Stress Management Training Workshop Objectives:

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Apply techniques to relax themselves and calm the stress response.
  • Reframe how they think about the stressors in their life to decrease stress and increase productivity
  • Apply techniques specific to themselves and their situations to deal with stress.
  • Develop new, better, and more efficient ways of doing things to reduce stress and increase productivity and workflow
  • Use their creativity to solve problems, innovate new solutions, and find “the third option”
  • Respond more effectively under pressure

Stress Management Training Activities

There are many speakers to choose from when it comes to stress management training. What makes Avish difference is his unique selection of stress management training games and activities.

Avish uses his 25 years of experience teaching, studying, and performing improv comedy to create an interactive, fun, and relevant training experience for everyone involved.

What better way to combat stress than by experiencing the fun and laughter that comes with playing improv comedy games. This makes the sessions more fun and engaging than anything attendees have experienced before.

However, it’s not just fun. Every exercise is specifically chosen to teach a powerful stress management technique, so in addition to having fun, attendees are learning valuable skills they can use on the job.

Stress Management Training Program Outline

(Note: this is a sample only. Workshops will be customized based on needs and objectives):

Overview – An overview of this stress management training workshop and an exploration of stress, what it is, why it occurs, and how the tools and principles of improv comedy can help manage it.

Building the “Creative Foundation” – Stress if often caused by a sense of limited options. In this segment, participants discover how to tap into and develop their creative power, and also learn how these skills can help them manage their stress.

Controlling the Stress Response – Feeling some stress and anxiety is inevitable. And in fact it is not always a bad thing. In this stress management training, attendees will learn the impact of their emotions on their decision-making, as well as techniques to relax and potentially turn stress into “nervous energy.”

Embracing Uncertainty – The fear of stepping into uncertainty is a great source of stress. By learning how to reframe failure and refocus attention, participants will begin the process of turning uncertainty from something to be feared to something to be accepted and used.

This Time It’s Personal – We all have specific things that trigger our anxiety. We also have different techniques that work for us to help us calm down. In this segment, participants will customize the stress management training to their own needs and identify their own stress triggers and create simple plans to respond more effectively to them.

Responding to Stress Under Pressure – Being put “on the spot” can quickly increase stress levels. In this program attendees will learn how to stay calm and think quickly to avoid giving in to “high-pressure” stress.

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