Can Improv Comedy Reduce Turnover?

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One TRILLION dollars. Every. Year.

According to Gallup, that’s how much turnover costs companies in the U.S. alone. 

Here’s a crazy thought: what if the solution to this lies not in traditional corporate strategies, but in the unscripted world of improv comedy?

What?! That’s crazy talk!

I know it sounds nonsensical, but hear me out…

Consider some of the biggest reasons employees get disengaged or leave organizations, and how a “yes, and” approach can help:

1. Lack of Recognition and Appreciation: Employees feel undervalued when their efforts go unrecognized, leading to disengagement. "Yes, and" fosters a culture of acknowledgment and positive reinforcement, boosting morale and engagement.

2. Poor Leadership and Management: Ineffective leadership breeds uncertainty and lack of trust. "Yes, and" empowers leaders to cultivate open communication channels, fostering a supportive environment where employees feel valued.

3. Limited Opportunities for Growth and Development: Employees become disengaged when they feel there’s no way to grow in their roles. "Yes, and" encourages a growth mindset, embracing experimentation and continuous learning for personal and professional growth.

4. Workload and Stress: High workload and stress levels contribute to burnout and decreased productivity. "Yes, and" promotes resilience, helping employees manage stress by reframing challenges and fostering a supportive atmosphere for collaboration and problem-solving.

5. Poor Work-Life Balance: Employees often struggle to maintain a healthy balance, leading to fatigue and disengagement. "Yes, and" encourages organizations to prioritize work-life balance and create flexible policies that support employee well-being.

Of course I’m biased. But I have seen with my own eyes that improv comedy techniques like “yes, and” can help with disengagement, overwhelm, burnout, and turnover. 

And potentially save the U.S. economy One. Trillion. Dollars.

What could your organization do with its share of that sum?

If you'd like to bring the power of “Yes, And” to to your organization or team, let me know!

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