Easy. Fun. Simple.

Hand drawing a conceptual diagram about the importance of the simplest way to go from point A to point B.

Credit to Ivelin

What if reaching your next goal could be easy, fun, and simple?

I know, that may sound like a pipe dream. After all, I myself am very much an overthinker. When trying to solve a problem I absorb a lot of information, synthesize as much as I can, and then create an action plan for how I can solve the problem.

And because I take in so much information, the plan is often very involved with multiple strategies and a ton of action items, which in turn leads to feelings of overwhelm and stress.

This played out again when I started working on taking my business to the next level. My initial plans were pretty complicated, with lots of areas to focus on, multiple daily to-dos, and a bunch of projects to complete.

After a while it started to feel overwhelming and futile.

Then I re-read Effortless by Greg McKeown (great book!) and it reminded me of a better way to approach these kinds of goals.

What I ask myself now is, “if this task or goal was easy, fun, and simple, what would that look like?”

So for growing my speaking business, instead of creating a 13-point game plan, I asked, “if growing my speaking business was easy, fun, and simple, what would that look like?”

The answer? “Get introduced to people who are looking for speakers like you.”

No elaborate content plan. No eight-step launch system. No writing a brand new book. (though some of those things may yet happen).

Nope. Just: get introduced to people who hire speakers.

Obviously there’s a bit more to it than that. How do I get introduced? Who introduces me? And to whom? These are important questions, and ones that I am answering. That part takes some effort, but it’s worth it.

I think that’s why it's tempting to say, “yes, but” to “easy, fun, simple.” After all, at first it requires some effort and creativity. 

But when done right, switching from “yes, but” to “Yes, And” can be easy, fun, and simple. And you can apply this idea in any area of your life:

If you’re trying to achieve a professional goal, instead of crafting a challenging and complicated plan, what is one easy, fun, and simple thing you could do to move forward?

If you are a leader, rather than a long, boring PowerPoint presentation about the efficacy statistics of the change you’re rolling out, is there an easy, fun, and simple way to talk to people about the change, like a brief infographic?

If you’re facing a personal challenge, what is one easy, fun, and simple action you could start taking right away?

Start asking yourself this question now. “If this task or goal was easy, fun, and simple, what would that look like?” You might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

By the way; this stuff is in my wheelhouse, so if you are rolling out a change and want your teams to say, “yes, and” to it or if you want help answering the question, “if this task or goal was easy, fun, and simple, what would that look like?” let me know!

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