Why “Yes, And” is a Powerful Tool for Government Agencies

As a speaker, I love speaking to and working with government agencies, groups, and employees.


Because at their core, government agencies are about helping people. Serving the public. Trying to make their community, state, country, or world a better place.

So many people I encounter who work in the public sector understand and believe in this. And if I can help them be a but more productive, innovative, collaborative, or just plain happier, then I feel good about doing my small part too.

The challenge is that sometimes work is challenging. Bureaucratic red tape, siloed departments, “set in their ways” staff with fixed mindsets, stagnation in innovation, change resistance, etc. all lead to overwhelm, stress, burnout, and ultimately, turnover.

If you are a leader and you find your agency or team in this situation, there is a simple solution:

Embrace the power of “Yes, And!’

"Yes, And" is a powerful mindset rooted in the principles of improvisational comedy, emphasizing acceptance, collaboration, and building upon ideas to foster creativity and innovation in problem-solving and communication.

Embracing the power of 'Yes, And!' empowers agencies, leaders, and employees to transform their mindset, fostering enhanced collaboration, creativity, and overall engagement and satisfaction. By transitioning from 'yes, but' to 'yes, and', you can:

  1. Transform from rigid silos to interconnected networks of collaboration and communication.
  2. Shift from reactive problem-solving to proactive innovation and solution-building.
  3. Evolve from resistance to change to enthusiastic participation and contribution.

For more information on Avish’s programs for government agencies and public sector employees, visit my "Yes, And" for Government Agencies Page!

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