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Thank you for taking the time to read my “How to Refer Avish” page. Whether you do or don’t ever end up referring me, I appreciate the fact that you are considering it and are learning how to do it effectively 🙂

Unlike many other speakers, trainers, or consultants, you may have referred in the past, referring me poses a bit of a unique challenge. For many people, until they see me speak, they don’t quite get it. When you say to them, “I just saw this great speaker who uses improv comedy!” they think, “ok, that sounds different. I’m not sure if that’s a fit or what the value is…” and things go nowhere.

That’s why I made this page! It has a few simple guidelines as well as some pre-written text you can use for emails, and also includes links just for people who were referred to me (as opposed to the general home page).

My goal with referrals is to be respectful of them and to do a great job so you look great too.

Here’s what’s on this page:

  1. A few simple tips
  2. Who makes a great referral for me
  3. Email copy to send appropriate contacts
  4. What can I do for you?

1) A Few Simple Tips

Be Enthusiastic

This sound a little weird and vain to ask for, but I have found that the more enthusiastic the referrer, the more likely the contact is to consider me as a speaker for their event.

The times referrals most frequently have led to work is when the referrer says something like, “Wow! I just saw this amazing speaker and he was great! You MUST to take a look at him for your next event!”

When the referrer simply “passes on the info,” and says, “Here’s a speaker you should take a look at,” the rate of success is much, much lower.

It Needs to Be Seen

For my particular brand of speaking and training, it really needs to be seen to be understood and appreciated.

As such, getting people to watch at least some of the videos on my website is critical. If they watch 2 minutes of my demo video and say, “I don’t think he’s for us,” then no problem. But if they don’t get a chance to see it, they may discount my program out of hand without knowing what it really is.

The video is the key…

Mention Value

Too often, when people refer me they focus on the humor and improv comedy side (which I love!). The challenge with that is that your contact may then think of me just as a comedian or performer.

Let them know that while there is humor, interactivity, and energy, there is also real applicable content. Ideas, strategies, and tactics audience members can use to think quickly, deal with change, innovate, say yes, and, and more.

I also have a “The Benefits of Booking Avish” page on my site, which may be helpful:

The Benefits of Booking Avish

2) Who Is a Great Contact For Me

If I ask, “do you know anyone who is looking for a speaker like me?” 99% of the time the answer is, “no, but I’ll keep you in mind.”

I realized that the speaking business is a bit odd, and no one specific person or position that books speakers and trainers. It can be anyone. And most people have no idea who that person might be.

As such, I stopped asking that question. Instead, here are the 6 people/positions most likely to be looking for a speaker like me:

  • VP or Director of Sales
  • VP or Director of Marketing
  • VP or Director of Training (or “Learning and Development”)
  • VP or Director of Human Resources
  • Conference Speaker Chair
  • Conference Chair 

If you know someone who has any of those titles or fills any of those roles (or similar), they would be a great referral for me. (Hint: LinkedIn is a great way to find these people :-))

If you think through your contacts and don’t have anyone who fits those criteria, here are a few others who may not be the one booking the speaker, but may very well be able to connect me with the people who do:

  • Any non-VP or Director from the Departments above (Sales, Marketing, Training, or HR)
  • Anyone on a Conference Planning Committee
  • Anyone on a Speaker Selection Committee
  • Executive Director of an association
  • Any C-Level executive who may have an interest in innovation, dealing with change, or is open to unique ideas.

What Kinds of Events?

Keep in mind, the format you saw me present in is not the only format I use. You may not know anyone who is putting on a conference with 500 attendees, but you may know someone putting on a training program for 24 (or vice versa). Here are a few of the types of ways I work with groups:

  • Keynote Speaking: A program as part of a larger event or conference, usually to a larger group and for 45-90 minutes (60 is my favorite!). Very fun, entertaining, and motivating.
  • Training: I work with a smaller group (usually 10-30, but I have gone as high as 60 or 70) for a longer period of time (2-3 hours) where we dig deep and use improv to teach attendees to think quickly, access creativity, deal with change, and innovate.
  • Training Packages: A series of training programs (4-12) where I meet regularly with a smaller group to go really deep and truly transform people and organizations.

3) Pre-Written Email Text

Once you’ve figured out someone to refer me to (or multiple people – feel free to go crazy!) the next step is to simply make the connection.

The easiest way to do this is with a three-way email introduction.

Here are two email templates you can copy and paste into an email introduction. The first is the over-the-top enthusiastic one (the one I prefer – remember, enthusiasm matters!) and the more tame one.

Email #1 – Enthusiastic:

Subject: A Terrific Speaker for a Future Event

CC: avish@avishparashar.com

Dear XXX,

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Avish Parashar present at the [INSERT EVENT], and he was amazing. I think his style, humor, energy, and content are terrific and might be a great addition to a future professional development event.

His program is titled “Say, 'Yes, And!'” and it is about the power of switching your default mindset from “yes, but” to “Yes, And” and how that is the key to embracing change, breaking down barriers, and unlocking greatness.

The program was incredibly well received at [INSERT EVENT]. His website is


I think he would be perfect for one of your future [CONFERENCES/MEETINGS/EVENTS]. You NEED to check him out!

I have copied Avish on this email as well. I’ll let the two of you connect and take the conversation from here.



Email #2 – A little more tame

Subject: Possible Speaker for Your Event
CC: avish@avishparashar.com

Dear XXX,

I had the pleasure of seeing Avish Parashar present at a recent event. I think his style, humor, energy, and content would be a great fit for one of your conferences or events.

His program is titled “Say, 'Yes, And!'” and it is about the power of switching your default mindset from “yes, but” to “Yes, And” and how that is the key to embracing change, breaking down barriers, and unlocking greatness.

You can learn more about Avish at his website:


I have copied Avish on this email as well. I’ll let the two of you connect and take the conversation from here.



4) What Can I Do For You?

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about the best way to refer me. If there is anything I can do for you, beyond making you look good by treating your referral with respect and doing the best job I possibly can, please let me know.

Thanks again!



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