“Yes, And!” for HR Professionals

Two Simple Words that Can Transform Your Career, Organization, and Life!

Approved for both HRCI and SHRM Credit

Are you looking for a fun, memorable program for your SHRM Conference or internal HR meeting? Would the members of your organization benefit from being more adaptable and flexible? Are you and your organization struggling to keep up with changes in technology, regulations, the industry, or the economy?

If so, then "Yes, And!" may be the perfect program for you!

“YES, AND” is a high-energy, hilarious, and interactive presentation that will teach you how a simple shift from “yes, but” to “Yes, And!” can help you be a more effective communicator and strategic partner in your role as a human resources professional.

As HR professionals and managers, you wear many hats and live in a world of constant change. While “Yes, And!” may not solve all your problems, it is a first step that can make the difference between being stuck in organizational struggle and conflict, and achieving professional success.

In this interactive and engaging program attendees learn the fundamentals of great improvisation, and leave with specific techniques to use those fundamentals to maintain great communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills in an ever-changing world.

"Avish delivered his “Say, ‘Yes, And!” presentation for our Tristate Human Resources Management Association event, and our members couldn't have been more thrilled and energized leaving this event! They also left with ideas and tools they could immediately apply to improve communication, respond to change, and approach their challenges from a new angle. Avish speaks with such style and humor - his 'Yes, And' approach is highly interactive and so uplifting! Avish is SIMPLY THE BEST!"

- Debbie Deissroth, President, Tri-State HRMA

By the end of this program, attendees will be able to:

  1. Use the idea of saying “Yes, And!” to improve employee retention and engagement
  2. Open the lines of communication within their organization 
  3. Respond quickly to changes in management, laws, technology, and organizational structure with less stress and resistance
  4. Implement “Yes, And” to increase connection to, and understanding of,  employees across various generations, backgrounds, and experiences

Video Testimonials

LI SHRM (Attendee)

Space Coast HR (Client)

Space Coast HR (Attendee)

Space Coast HR (Attendee)

Here’s the summary of the feedback forms from Avish’s recent presentation for the IPMA-HR Eastern Region Conference, with a scale of 1-5, 5 being best:

“You were the best keynote speaker I’ve ever heard in all my years in HR!”

- Dawn Dixon, Attendee DE SHRM Conference

Watch Avish in action:

To view more clips, check out the videos page…

“I really enjoyed your presentation! A perfect way to end the conference! It was very interesting and of course very funny!
We all need to laugh a little more! As a matter of fact, I was walking around this morning, saying Ding happens, because it was, but I am better for it today, thanks to you!”
– Andrea A. Alesi, PHR, HR & Payroll Specialist

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