Improvise With Avish! (Free “Open Mat” Virtual Workshops)

Would you like to learn/work on improv skills while also helping me develop my skills and craft?  And do it all from the comfort of your own home (or office)?? And do it all for free???

Then keep reading (or watch this short video):

Basically, I want to do more improv comedy myself, I want to work on developing new games for my podcast, for shows, and for my speaking and training gigs, and I want to teach and help others learn and love improv too.

So I came up with what I think is a win-win idea for everyone: the Open Mat / Improvise With Avish Virtual training sessions!

This idea comes from my background in the martial arts where the Dojo would sometimes have “Open Mat” time which was a time where the Dojo would be open and students (and instructors) could come and practice and work on whatever they wanted and most needed.

So that is what I am doing, virtually, with improv comedy.

In a nutshell, these will be virtual sessions where everyone is welcome. I will have a skill or game I want to work on and I will use whoever is on as my “improv partners” and helpers. Along the way I will explain, teach, and help everyone on the session learn and work on that skill too. And, everyone is welcome to bring their own questions or skills they would like to work on and I will do my best to help with that too.

I will start with two sessions (each needs to be signed up for separately and you don’t have to sign up for both - each session is independent of the other):

  • Wednesday, 12/1/2021, 7:30pm-8:30pm ET - Click here to register on Zoom (Session cancelled)
  • Cost: $0. Yup, these are free (Though if you really want to “pay,” you could do me a favor and either subscribe to my podcast or share the link to the podcast on your favorite social media platform…)

Some things to know, answers to your questions, and additional details:

  • There is No “Syllabus” - I have things I want to work on. You can work on them with me and I will be happy to answer any questions and help you work on them too. I am not planning a session outline with learning objective and what-not.
  • Bring Your Own Agenda - If you come to the session with something you want to work on (a specific game, skill, concept), etc. I will work on that with you. Think of it as “improv office hours.”
  • Variable Schedule - The days and times for the sessions will change week to week because A) my schedule changes too, and B) It will accommodate more people with different schedules. I will announce the sessions the week before.
  • Variable Length - The sessions are scheduled for an hour, but if no one has any questions or anything to work on, we may end early. Or if we are rolling and having fun, we may go longer. It’s improv!
  • Virtual Sessions - These will be done via Zoom and will require registering for each session separately through Zoom
  • Recording - The sessions will be recorded but only sent to people who register and show up for the session.
  • Permission - I have no idea what I will do with the recordings (if anything) but I may use them for future posts, content, promotion, courses, etc. If you attend a session, you are giving me permission to use the recordings.
  • Experience Level - All levels welcome! From total newbie with no improv experience to veterans who have done a lot of improv, everyone is welcome. 
  • Participation - These are improv comedy sessions, so while I am loathe to force anyone to participate against their will, realize that if you are on you will a) potentially be improvising with me in some of the stuff I am working on and b) you may be asked to work on some of the skills/games others are working on. I would prefer not have people on the session who just want to “sit back and observe.”

Have other questions? Let me know! But hey, it’s free and only an hour long, so why not just sign up for one and see how it goes!

Thanks - Hope to see you there!

P.S. I recently posted about trying stuff out and being willing to change and adapt. This is an example of that. I am going to try this a few (or many times) and see how it goes. So if this sounds good to you be sure to sign up for one of the first ones!

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