Thank You for Registering!

Thank you for signing up for the Lunch and Learn and Laugh Virtual Session on Thursday, May 16th from 12:15-12:45 EST!

You should receive an email shortly with the Zoom info. If you don't receive it, contact me to let me know and I will make sure you get the information.

Please Share!

This session is free and open to all! Please share the information and invite anyone and everyone you think would be interested. For example:

  • If you are a leader invite your whole team (but please don't make it mandatory for them...)
  • If you have co-workers, send the link along to them to join in.
  • If you are active on social media, post the link to let your followers and connections know about it.

Between the improv I will perform and the opportunities for attendees to play (but you don't have to if you can't or don't want to), the more participants the better!

Just send out/share the link to the sign-up page:


Thanks again,

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