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Avish Parashar is an innovation and creativity speaker who not only explains to audiences how they can be more creative and innovative, but also demonstrates the techniques they need to do so. More importantly, he has his audiences practice being creative with the hilarious power of improv comedy.

There are many creativity keynote speakers to pick from, but how many of them involve your audience in a way that gets them practicing, laughing AND learning, all at the same time?

Creativity is not just for artists and innovation is not just for tech companies. If your group struggles with any of the following issues, then using Avish as a creativity speaker for your next event may be exactly what you need:

  • Too much to do, too little time – Overwhelm is a common problem. If you keep doing everything the same way you have always done, you’ll keep adding more and more to your pile. The answer is to innovate and find better, faster ways of doing things and avoid overwhelm.
  • Struggling to keep up with change – The world is changing faster than ever. The only way to keep up, much less get ahead, is to use your creativity to stay flexible and adapt to the change.
  • Getting complacent or feeling stagnant – If your people have been doing what they do for a while, they may feel stagnant; like they’ve hit a plateau and are operating on “auto-pilot.” Accessing creativity and applying innovation not only helps raise the bar but also allows people to tap into their inner strengths and motivations.

Sound familiar? Then keep reading to learn about Avish’s signature innovation and creativity keynote:

Improvised Innovation! How to Unleash Creativity and Leap Ahead of the Competition!

Presented by Innovation and Creativity Speaker Avish Parashar

In a world that is getting smaller and smaller and changing faster and faster, innovation and creativity become keys to staying competitive. Organizations and individuals who apply innovation move ahead. Those who don’t, struggle and fall behind.

In this high-energy, hilarious, and interactive keynote, Avish uses ideas and exercises from improv comedy to show you how to tap into your creativity and use it to unleash innovation to be a “game changer” in your organization and industry.

Avish weaves together improv games, audience interaction, humorous stories, and relevant business examples to create a unique and relevant experience for every group. By the end of the program, Avish will have taken your attendees through the I.C.E. system, which will show attendees how to:

  • IDENTIFY true goals to ensure they are not wasting their creative energy, as well as the constraints they face in achieving those goals.
  • CREATE a large list of ideas, potential solutions, implementable actions, etc. by accessing and developing the untapped creative power they might not even be aware they have.
  • EXPERIMENT with their ideas to see what works, what doesn’t and what adjustments they need to make to keep moving forward and innovating.

Your people will be engaged, laughing, and even interacting from start to finish as they learn skills they can use immediately to access their creativity and turn it into meaningful innovation!

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