Playing Too Small

Quote: "Change your thoughts and you change your world." Norman Vincent Peale

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I have been playing too small.

In my life, in my business, and with “yes, and.”

I believe in the power of “yes, and,” and I have been practicing it, writing about it, and speaking on it for decades.

But my insecurity, fear of pushback, and desire for approval have made me hold back on how much or how passionately I talk about it.

Basically, I have been saying “yes, but” to myself about “yes, and.”

Ironic, no?

That changes today.

I should have done this last year when I turned 50 - this seems like a “milestone birthday proclamation" - but hey, a little late is better than never, and 51 is the new 50…right?

It’s time to think bigger and play a much bigger game.

Rather than just worrying about getting speaking gigs or trying to convince people that “yes, and” might be a good fit for their conference or organization, I am going to focus on changing the friggin’ world!

The world would be a better place if everyone started from a default mindset of “yes, and.”

Let me rephrase that:

The world WILL be a better place WHEN everyone starts from a default mindset of “yes, and.”

And that is what I am focusing on now.

What does that mean?

I haven’t worked out the whole scope of it yet, but I do know I am starting by:

  • Creating and releasing the “Yes, And” Manifesto.
  • Launching a community for people who believe in “yes, and” and want to bring it to their work, organization, or lives.
  • Having one-on-one conversations with as many people as I can to learn stories and examples of how YOU have used “yes, and” (or seen it used). Or seen or used “yes, but” in a limiting or destructive way.
  • Creating a bunch of free resources to help people learn, embody, and lead with “yes, and” and build “yes, and” cultures.
  • Getting on to podcasts and other media to spread the word.

I don’t know what the heck I am doing but I am jumping into uncertainty (one of the core “yes, and” principles).

Which means I’ll need help.

Do you have ideas to help build and spread this?

Do you have stories or examples of a “yes, and” or “yes, but” mindset in action?

Do you lead a team and want to have a conversation about the challenges of getting them to say “yes, and” (or want to let me know what free resources would help)?

Do you know someone I really should be talking to?

And most importantly, are you on board with this journey? Will you help me make the world a more “yes, and” place?

Head over here and let me know, or share this page with a friend who could use the inspiration. Let’s spread the word!

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