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Do you have a moment where you've witnessed the power of "Yes, And" or felt the limitations of a "Yes, But" mindset? We want to hear from you!

I'm on a mission to explore the impact of "Yes, And" and "Yes, But" thinking in our everyday lives. Whether it's a personal triumph, a workplace success, or an insightful observation, I believe that every story holds valuable lessons.

Why Share Your Story?

Your experiences matter. By sharing your journey, you inspire others to embrace a more open-minded approach to life's challenges. You can help me make the world a more "Yes, And!" place.

How Can You Get Involved?

Simple! Just use this link to schedule a short Zoom call with me to share your story

What Are We Looking For?

We're interested in stories, examples, case studies, and anecdotes that showcase the power of "Yes, And" thinking in action. Whether it's a personal triumph, a workplace success, or a moment of creative collaboration, I want to hear how you've embraced the spirit of possibility and inclusion (or seen someone else embrace it).

Alternatively, if you've encountered challenges or setbacks due to a "Yes, But" mindset, we welcome those stories too. Your insights can help us understand the barriers to innovation and collaboration, paving the way for meaningful change.

Ready to Share Your Story?

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