Thank You for Attending!

Thank you for recently attending one my improv themed presentations!

Want to keep the learning going?

Before you get the downloads, click here to join my “Motivational Improv” Facebook group There’s regular content, opportunities for practice and interaction, and many videos of me performing (and explaining) improv games and principles.

Here is your downloadable “Ding Happens” Self-Trainer and Application Guide and Improv Games and Facilitator’s Guide (Note: Please download these to your computer soon, as I will not leave this page up forever!):

“Ding Happens” Self-Trainer and Application Guide:

Improv Games and Facilitator’s Guide

“Ding Happens!” Summary Postcard

This PDF postcard summarizes the key points from Avish’s “Ding Happens!'” keynote presentation.

Click the here to download the PDF (205 KB) now

“Yes, And!” Summary Document

This document summarizes the key points from Avish’s “Say, ‘Yes, And!'” keynote presentation.

Click the here to download the PDF (465 KB) now

And here are some Bonus free downloads as well!

How to Think on Your Feet MP3 (29.4MB)

An audio interview where I go deep into ideas and techniques you can use to access, develop, and apply your creativity.

Improvised Innovation Handout (PDF, 1.2MB)

The handout that accompanies my “Improvised Innovation” session. If you weren’t at that session – or even the conference – you can still download the PDF. It may have less meaning for you, but feel free to ask me about it!)


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