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Check out the "In a World of...Improvised Movie Homages" Podcast!

I have a podcast! It is pure entertainment - no "content" or "lessons," just improv comedy fun! It is a two-man improv comedy show where use connected short-form improv comedy games to perform a movie homage to a famous movie or genre. We have parodied everything from Scream, to Dungeons and Dragons, to Hallmark Christmas Movies, to Aliens, and to everything in between. And we do a new one each week! (Note: This has been on a prolonged hiatus, but there are still around 40 episodes you can enjoy). Check it out here:

Are you on TikTok?

I am! Check me out and follow my account there to get improv tips, random motivational videos, along with some goofy, silly fun stuff. I also periodically perform solo improv bits and post on TikTok (often with a follow-up debrief video) so it is a cool spot to learn and laugh with me! 

Improv Games and Facilitator’s Guide

“Ding Happens” Self-Trainer and Application Guide:

How to Access Your Creativity

This 22 minute video is an excerpt from a longer webinar I presented. It will give you an understanding of why we block our inner creative genius and how to get back in touch with it. 

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