The Benefits of Booking Avish

“It was unlike anything we had seen before, and it was extremely well-received.”

Frank Rudd

President/CEO, Florida Society of Association Executives

Why should you select Avish over some of the other speakers you are looking at? I can’t speak to what any of your other speakers would do (nor would I even want to bad mouth anyone), but I CAN tell you that you get many benefits when you have Avish speak at one of your events.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with Avish:

How the Organization Benefits:

  • You get a more innovative and creative workforce
  • People stop whining about change and focus on how they can use it to their advantage
  • Communication and teamwork get better
  • Your team’s ability to think quickly in sales and service situations improves
  • Morale and motivation increases

How the Event Benefits:

  • People (and the entire event) get energized to start, continue, or end the day
  • Attendees leave “buzzing” about the event, telling those who weren’t there that they really missed out!
  • Avish’s program touches upon and reinforces the lessons of other speakers
  • Next year’s attendance improves from great word of mouth and buzz
  • Your event stands out from others by having a truly unique speaker and presentation

 How the Audience Benefits:

  • They laugh, have fun, and get excited to continue with the event
  • The audience walks away with specific tips and ideas they can immediately apply to be more successful and effective
  • People get motivated and inspired to raise the bar and do more for themselves and their organizations
  • Attendees interact with each other in a way they otherwise would not
  • Audience members play improv games from the comfort of their seats, moving the presentation from simply informational to experiential – they get to practice and apply the lessons right then and there!

 How You, the Planner/Decision-Maker Benefit:

  • You get to work with a low-maintenance, non-Diva speaker
  • You look like a rock star for bringing in a speaker who is engaging and fun and not the “same-old, same-old”
  • You have the benefit of working with a speaker who respects and responds to your timetable and deadlines (and responds to emails!)
  • Avish’s professional experience means you have one less thing to worry about. From last minute changes, to sound checks, to technology failure – Avish’s ability to improvise with the unexpected means you’ll always stay on track
  • You get a partner – Avish is committed to doing whatever he can to make your event a success and to make you look good!

Convinced Yet?

If so, contact Avish now and lock him in for your next event. If not, contact him anyway and let him answer any of your questions about how he can help your event, organization, and audience!

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