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Thank you for signing up to receive my "Improv Game Guide." The link to the PDF is below. Before we get to that, here are a few additional things you may be interested in:

Check out the "In a World of...Improvised Movie Homages" Podcast!

I have a podcast!  It is a two-man improv comedy show where use connected short-form improv comedy games to perform a movie homage to a famous movie or genre. We have parodied everything from Scream, to Dungeons and Dragons, to Hallmark Christmas Movies, to Aliens, and to everything in between. Check it out here:

Follow Me on TikTok

If you are here, then that means you have a TikTok account. Be sure to follow me there for more info on improv and humor, along with improv game examples, random fun and humor (disclaimer: I rarely dance...), and a bit of motivation and advice. Check out and follow my profile here: 

Check Out My Speaking Video Clips and TEDx Talk!

If you just found me on TikTok, you may not be aware that I am a professional speaker who uses improv comedy to help groups respond to change, think quickly, and be more innovative. You can see video clips of me in action, including my TEDx talk, here:

Here is your downloadable  Improv Games and Facilitator’s Guide:

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