To Innovate, Change Your Starting Point

Here is a quick solo “Ding” I did for TikTok:

 What’s interesting is that this recording was my third attempt. I got the idea to do a “Daily Improv” for TikTok while in the shower (don’t visualize…) and I started a quick Ding in my head. Once I was dressed and ready I set up the camera and started recording the game. 

Here’s the thing: I liked what I started in my head earlier so I started the story the same way, with the same opening line and same first Ding or two. Guess what? It bombed!

I stumbled over my words, hesitated, and eventually just lost it and had to stop. 

So I started over with a new beginning and it went much better. That’s the version above.

There’s a lesson here: If you want to innovate, use a different starting point!

It’s tempting to just “tweak,” which is where we use the same starting point and try to stay on the same basic path and just try to change some small things as you go. This often ends up like my first story attempt - stumbly, limited, and an overall failure.

Instead, change your starting point. Let go of your current plan, imagine you had to do things differently, ask yourself, “what is we couldn’t do anything we have done so far?” Not for implementation, but rather to open up your creativity and innovation.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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