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Non-boring, interactive, and funny presentations delivered virtually to help your group respond to change,  generate new ideas and solutions, and increase their confidence and optimism in times of uncertainty!
  • The world is going through unprecedented change (but you know that, right?). 
  • Our entire way of connecting, working, and leading has transformed due to the global pandemic (I’m assuming this is not new information for you…)
  • Leaders, employees, and organizations MUST be flexible and adapt or else they will utterly fail (this is a memo from the “Obvious Information” department).

Now, more than ever, teams, audiences, staff, and executives need to be creative, they need to embrace change, and they need to think and respond in new and innovative ways. 

For over 18 years, Avish has been speaking to groups on the topic of improvising, adapting, and finding (and creating!) opportunity in change. Using humor, energy, relevant content, and interactive improv comedy, Avish has provided audiences the tools and inspiration to  be creative, embrace change, and think and respond in new and innovative ways. 

“After attending a seminar I used Avish Parashar’s techniques during a work group focus session. I focused on the “haves” and “cans” while the other group members focused on the “have nots” and “cannots”. They were roadblocked while my ideas flowed. His virtual presentation was OutstanDING, MasterminDING, Mind-builDING, and TranscenDING!”


Relevant Content, Engaging Style

Not only is Avish’s content incredibly relevant in today’s world, but his style is also engaging in a way unlike other virtual presenters.

It’s easy to put together a slide deck and deliver content. And anyone can make their virtual program “interactive” by pausing periodically and saying, “anyone have any questions?” But in a world where people spend their entire days in virtual meetings, webinars, and online training, that gets real old, real fast.

Avish works hard to bring the same humor, energy, and interaction to the virtual format that he delivers when live, in-person:

  • Humor – It’s hard to present humor without a live audience, but Avish weaves in funny stories, lines, and improv comedy to keep the laughter going, even if he can’t hear it.
  • Energy – While most virtual presenters are more subdued, sitting at their desks without the energy of a live crowd, Avish understands that virtual programs require the speaker to bring even more energy, enthusiasm, and engagement when presenting.
  • Interactive – Beyond Q&A, Avish engages his audiences by asking for input for improv games and the content via chat. Depending on the format, he will also get volunteers to help him with exercises and even separate  the audience into breakout rooms so they can practice their skills in real time.
  • Improv comedy! – It may seem impossible, but yes, Avish has developed ways of performing improv comedy by himself, with no volunteers, no other participants, and no audience. 


Style and Topics

All of the programs on Avish’s Keynote Page and Business Training Page can be delivered virtually (with a few simple modifications). 

In general, there are three ways to work with Avish Virtually:

  1. Keynoting – Part performance, part motivational speech, part transformative content, this style captures Avish’s live energy even when the entire audience is separated, sitting at their own computers.
  2. Training – This highly interactive format utilizes the “breakout room” function of the streaming software to recreate Avish’s interactive style virtually. Participants will not only watch Avish demonstrate the improv games, but they will also be broken up into pairs or groups to play the game themselves. Then everyone is brought back and the game is debriefed/explained together. This format allows for hands-on learning, Q&A, and discussion – along with laughs, energy, and smiles.
  3. One-on-One Consulting/Coaching – Work one-on-one with Avish and use his creative experience to help you generate solutions, ideas, insights, and innovations in real time!

Just because you can’t (or choose not to) have an engaging speaker present for your group in person doesn’t mean you can’t bring great content, dynamic humor, and interactive improv comedy to your organization or event – Contact Avish now to chat about fees, availability, and most importantly, how he can help you have an amazing virtual event that energizes, inspires, and transforms!

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