It’s easy to come up with a lot of ideas. What separates people and organizations who succeed from those who struggle is that the ones who succeed take bold action. In improv (and applied improvisation), we call this, “making a strong offer.” In this video, Avish explains what that means and how you can use

Do you ever feel like you get stuck when you are put on the spot and need to think on your feet? This video will show you the #1 mistake I see people make when trying to think quickly. (Transcription below) TranscriptionHave you ever been put on the spot and suddenly you couldn’t eh… think

In 2015, I was invited to do a TEDx Talk for TEDx Boca Raton. This was very exciting, as I was a fan of TED Talks and TEDx Talks. I’d always wanted to do one. This was a great opportunity as well, because as the organizer told me, when a TEDx Talk is very successful it can