A Playbook for Leading Change (I’d Love Your Feedback!)

Are you a leader in an organization that is going through a big change? 

Cover of The Change Leadership Playbook, by Avish Parashar

For example, are you rolling out a new software platform, dealing with the evolving landscape of AI, dealing with culture shifts due to mergers, acquisitions, or rapid growth, or dealing with new leadership, mission, vision, or values?

If so, I have something (free) for you!

Or at least, I thought I did…

You see, last fall I put a lot of time and effort into creating The Change Leadership Playbook.

This is a PDF document that lays out how leaders can use “Yes, And” and other ideas from improv to lead their teams, employees, and organizations through change. I finished it about three months ago.

So why is this the first you are hearing about it? Because honestly, even though I am proud of the content and think there is a lot of value there, I think it misses the mark for two reasons:

  1.  It’s too long - As much value as I believe the Playbook has, I’m not sure it’s realistic to expect leaders to have or take the time to go through a 24-page document to find the info they need.

  2. It lacks personality and humor - Part of my goal with the Playbook is to give businesses a sense of how they can benefit from working with me. One of my strengths is my humor and engagement, and I don’t think this showcases that.

Why am I (potentially over-) sharing this with you? 

Two reasons:

  1. To be transparent. I have long talked about the power of taking action, analyzing the results, making an adjustment, and repeating. This is me showing you how that works in actual practice.

  2. To help me help you. If you are a leader, this Playbook is supposed to be for you. So what better way to make sure it is super valuable than to ask for your feedback and input?

I am not scrapping the Playbook; I plan to rework it. If you would like to have a Playbook that can help you lead your people and organization through change, then you can do three simple things:

  1. Download a copy of the current Playbook here (no sign-up required) and take a quick look through it.

  2. Share with me any and all recommendations on what you would love to see covered in a resource like this to make it truly valuable and helpful.

Thanks so much for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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