In a few months, my parents are throwing themselves a 60th wedding anniversary party – woohoo! My dad, who doesn’t understand technology so well, asked me to send out the invitations via email.“Sure dad,” I said, “can you send me the list of emails?”It took him some time to gather the emails, but once he

Dealing With an Employee Who is Set in Their Ways

Do you ever look at some of your childhood friends and the respectable things they are doing now and think to yourself, “wow! I can’t believe all the amazing things they are doing! Who would have guessed that way back when?!?” One of my best friends from high school was recently promoted to a high-ranking position

Use “Yes, And” to Engage a New Team Quickly

You know what’s awesome? When your business grows fast. Yay!You know what can be hard? All the challenges that come along with rapid growth – changes that people who have been with you for a long time may not like. Boo!Rapid growth is great, but if you don’t manage the changes it creates you could

Conquer Rapid Growth Like a Boss!

Image credit: Why It’s Important)“Because it’s a stupid idea. No one’s gonna go for it. Don’t you understand? It’s stupid. It’s stupid…”-Seinfeld; Season 22, Episode 7:  The InvitationsI recently presented a keynote for a conference on using “yes, and” to increase innovation. One of my main points was the importance of saying “yes, and”

How to “Yes, And” Bad Ideas

Are you a leader in an organization that is going through a big change? For example, are you rolling out a new software platform, dealing with the evolving landscape of AI, dealing with culture shifts due to mergers, acquisitions, or rapid growth, or dealing with new leadership, mission, vision, or values?If so, I have something (free)

A Playbook for Leading Change (I’d Love Your Feedback!)

“Daddy!”As a father, there are few things that bring me greater joy than simply hearing one of my kids call out, “Daddy!” to me.Usually.However…at 9pm, after they should be asleep, I am downstairs snuggled up on the couch, engrossed in a TV show, and trying to unwind after a long day of work and parenting? Not

Using “Yes, And” to Break Free of Your Comfort Zone