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Thank you for signing up to join our community and be a part of the "Yes, And Revolution!"

You should receive an email shortly confirming your sign up and containing a link to your download. If you don't receive it, contact me to let me know and I will make sure you get it.

What's Next:

This movement is in its early stages, so we are just getting started. In the next few days, weeks, and months here's some of the things we have planned:

  • Free "town hall" style Zoom meetings where you can ask questions about using "Yes, And," and also meet and support others who feel the same way as you about the idea.
  • Webinars that dive deeper into "Yes, And" and its applications.
  • More free downloads and resources, including a "Yes, And" toolkit.
  • Access to a platform/community where you can meet and engage with other "Yes, And" supporters.
  • And more!

What You Can Do Now:

If you are excited to get started, here are a few things you can do right now:

  • Share the link to the "Yes, And" Page (https://avishparashar.com/yesand/) so other like-minded individuals can join.
  • Sign up for a completely free (i.e., NO upsell) coaching call to get advice, insights, and recommendations on how you can start adding a little more "yes, and" to your life (click here to schedule your call).
  • Email me any questions you have about "Yes, And" and any ideas you have on how to build/grow this movement.
  • Let me know what resources would help you be more effective in using "Yes, And" in your life, work, or relationships.
  • Do you have a story or personal experience from your work or life of a time you (or someone you know) used "Yes, And" and it worked, or a time you experienced "yes, but" making things worse? I would love to hear about it! I am collecting stories, case studies, examples, etc. to share in future articles, books, and presentations. Use this link to set up a 15 minute call so I can hear your story!

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