Image credit: michaklootwijkWill you write a “yes, and” story or a “yes, but” one?Last week I shared a story here titled “You Are Not Alone,” about how realizing I was not the only one going through business doldrums turned out to be helpful.That story resonated with many and I got some great support and feedback.(I

Saying “Yes, And” to a Better Story

Image credit: azatvaleevHave you ever felt alone in your struggle, like you are the only person who is having a hard time while everyone else is doing amazing?I have. In fact, I was feeling that way just recently.Business has been a tad slow and it can be disheartening, especially when you get onto social media

You Are Not Alone

Image credit: stillfx“I still use ‘Yes, And’ all these years later. And every time I do, it works!”The person saying this to me had seen me speak at an event five years ago. He was on the planning team for the conference, and he was the one who recommended me.When he’d seen me speak previously,

“I still use ‘Yes, And’ all these years later.”

Image credit: damedeesoHave you ever hesitated to say something because you thought people might look at you like you had a carrot growing out of your forehead? I have. But then I saw a video recently that made me think…(Okay, I’ll admit it, it was on TikTok, which I do enjoy and probably spend a

Finding Your “Yes, And” People

You know what’s awesome? When your business grows fast. Yay!You know what can be hard? All the challenges that come along with rapid growth – changes that people who have been with you for a long time may not like. Boo!Rapid growth is great, but if you don’t manage the changes it creates you could

Conquer Rapid Growth Like a Boss!

Image credit: Why It’s Important)“Because it’s a stupid idea. No one’s gonna go for it. Don’t you understand? It’s stupid. It’s stupid…”-Seinfeld; Season 22, Episode 7:  The InvitationsI recently presented a keynote for a conference on using “yes, and” to increase innovation. One of my main points was the importance of saying “yes, and”

How to “Yes, And” Bad Ideas