Image credit: PeopleImages.comFeeling overwhelmed? Surprisingly, saying “yes, and” can help.One of my areas of focus is on how a “yes, and” mindset can help individuals and organizations reduce overwhelm and turnover.The most common objection is this: “But Avish! I already have too much to do! If I say ‘yes, and’ to more things I will drown

Won’t “Yes, And” INCREASE Overwhelm?

Image credit: ShebekoSNAP!I was sitting at my desk, trying to wrap a too-small rubber band around a too-large stack of index cards.Stretching, stretching, I almost had it when, SNAP, the rubber band broke.And whipped me on the finger…ouch!Rubber bands are interesting that way. They stretch and bounce back, over and over, until, one day…SNAP! Eventually

How to Stretch Without Snapping

Credit to fizkesCan you be the reason someone else says “Yes, And” to themselves?I first did improv comedy not because I saw it and fell in love with it, but because a friend said to me, “you should do improv comedy, you’d be good at it.”I started my improv group after college not because I

“Yes, And” Whisperers

Image credit: eamesBotOne TRILLION dollars. Every. Year.According to Gallup, that’s how much turnover costs companies in the U.S. alone. Here’s a crazy thought: what if the solution to this lies not in traditional corporate strategies, but in the unscripted world of improv comedy?What?! That’s crazy talk!I know it sounds nonsensical, but hear me out…Consider some of

Can Improv Comedy Reduce Turnover?

In a few months, my parents are throwing themselves a 60th wedding anniversary party – woohoo! My dad, who doesn’t understand technology so well, asked me to send out the invitations via email.“Sure dad,” I said, “can you send me the list of emails?”It took him some time to gather the emails, but once he

Dealing With an Employee Who is Set in Their Ways

Image credit: stanciuc1I have been playing too small.In my life, in my business, and with “yes, and.”I believe in the power of “yes, and,” and I have been practicing it, writing about it, and speaking on it for decades.But my insecurity, fear of pushback, and desire for approval have made me hold back on how

Playing Too Small